The Macklowe Whiskey Cask No63

The Macklowe
Cask Nº60

American single malt whiskey

2nd edition. 231 bottles. 46% abv. 8 aged years. 2014 distillation

Cask Nº60 is from Julie’s extraordinary collection and is of unparalleled quality, impossible to replicate. This liquid gold showcases in hand-crafter & hand-painted showcases bottles with a distinctive flask design reminiscent of Julie’s time in high-finance carrying an ever-present flask with her to events as a reminder to always drink what you like, not what you are told to like.

The Macklowe Whiskey Cask No63

Tasting notes
Cask Nº60

Intense, rich toasted oak, deep fruity maltiness, with fragrant notes of dark fruit and marzipan.

Beautiful, rich mouthfeel, viscous, seductively spicy & peppery with barley sugar and dense fruit cake: hints of toffee and treacle.

Sublime, enticing, moreish; an old Seville-stvle marmalade flavor leads to a long, tantalizing, satisfying finale.

46% alc./vol. 700ml

The Macklowe Manhattan

1 oz. The Macklowe American single malt whiskey

0.5 oz. Sweet & dry Vermouth

3 Dashes aromatic bitters

1 Cherry

We recommend our whiskey with a few drops of water but drink it your way – The Macklowe way.