The Game changers
behind the macklowe

The Game changers behind the macklowe

Meet The Team

Julie Macklowe

Julie Macklowe

– Founder & CEO –

Successful Entreperneur | Philanthropist | World Traveller | Mother | Worldwide Registered Whiskey Ambassador.

Ian Macmillian

– Master Distiller & blender –

World renowned master blender and distiller, with over 40 years experience, know for brands such as Glengoyne, Deanston and Bunnahabain.

The Macklowe Whiskey Cask No63


“This has been such an exciting journey for me working and evaluating the ever-increasing quality of American Single Malts. The overall quality of the maturing whiskies that Julie has sourced have been excellent. The final selection process was challenging, however the cask we eventually selected was of such sublime quality, I await with great anticipation the reactions from the very lucky purchasers of this wonderful and special American Single Malt.”

Ian MacMillan, Master Distiller & Blender