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Julie Macklowe, the force behind Macklowe Whiskey, is on a mission to craft a luxury American single malt whiskey. Her journey started in diverse locales like Aspen, New York City, and Phoenix, where she excelled academically and ventured into finance with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, travelling across the globe. During her international sojourns, she fell in love with Scotch whisky, sparking a passion for high-quality spirits and the idea of a “high-end, luxury American single malt.”

Returning to the U.S., Julie began her quest to create this exceptional whiskey, seeking guidance from Scotch whisky industry friends and focusing on bottle design and production during the pandemic. Her commitment to whiskey was evident in her vast collection, meticulously housed in her Fifth Avenue apartment.

Inspired by various sources, including flask and jewelry designs, Julie created a unique high-end whiskey bottle. She aged Bull Run Whiskey from Portland, Oregon, in Kentucky under Master Distiller and Blender Ian MacMillan’s watchful eye, using 100-percent Kentucky barley and a distinct sweet mash process.

As their own single malt matures, Julie and Ian introduced their first bottling, Cask 61, distributed to prestigious liquor stores and restaurants, including renowned establishments in New York.

Julie’s hand-painted bottles mirror her own flask, and her mantra emphasizes individual taste in whiskey appreciation. Her dedication to excellence and continuous improvement drives her brand forward, making her a trailblazer in whiskey. Her journey is a quest for exploration and perfection.

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