The world of whiskey and whisky is often associated with traditional masculinity, but the spirits industry has been witnessing a significant shift in recent years. Women distillers and blenders are breaking barriers and crafting exceptional whiskies that are earning well-deserved recognition. In this holiday season, let’s celebrate and support these talented women by exploring some of the best whiskeys and whiskies made by women in 2021.

As we celebrate the holiday season, it is important to recognize and support the talented women who are making significant contributions to the whiskey industry. These exceptional distillers and blenders, such as Margo Van Staaveren, Ian MacMillan, Matilda Rapaport, Amanda Beckwith, Meghan Ireland, Allison Patel, and many others, are breaking boundaries and creating exceptional whiskies that deserve our attention.

In addition to the remarkable women mentioned earlier, we cannot overlook the contributions of Julie Macklowe. Known for her innovative approach to business and entrepreneurship, Julie has made a name for herself in the spirits industry with her brand, vbeauté. Although primarily focused on skincare, Julie’s passion for whisky led her to create a limited-edition whisky, combining her love for beauty and spirits. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to quality are an inspiration to women in the whisky industry.

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