Julie Macklowe, the founder of The Macklowe, has transitioned from collecting high-end single malt whiskies to crafting her own luxury American Single Malt brand.

Her vision is to make it the “Louis Vuitton of American Single Malts,” blending Tom Ford’s elegance with whiskey. The Macklowe offers two editions, the Gold Edition starting at $259 per bottle and the Black Edition at $1,500 per bottle, with a limited release of only 10 casks. Macklowe’s whiskey is handcrafted and numbered, and its bottles are designed after her personal flask. She aimed to create a whiskey that appeals to both men and women with a smooth and unique taste profile.

Collaborating with master distiller Ian MacMillan, she uses 100% Kentucky barley and new American oak ageing. Macklowe seeks to demystify whiskey and make it more accessible to all, launching her product in various regions across the country.

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