Non-Chill Filtration, Don’t Panic! What’s that cloud in the whiskey?

Our Whisky is per the label ‘non-chill filtered’; Don’t Panic ! What you are seeing is the flavor and it’s normal, the larger producers use chill filtering to remove this to make it look pretty. Which also has the impact of taking away some of the flavor and mouth feel.

Chill filtration is a common practice with most large batch producers, while we filter out the wood particles we want to provide the exceptional maximum flavor . So we do not employ chill filtration at THE MACKLOWE , which maximizes the flavor! That’s what the cloud haze is – gold nuggets of flavor proteins

If you just shake the bottle twice it will dissipate and disperse back into the liquid. You might notice that colder climates cause the clouds, just warm your bottle up to room temperature. We recommend a few drops of water or whiskey stones over ice to prevent this from happening when you drink it. The most important part is to enjoy your drink and the full flavor of the whiskey! Cheers! Julie