The Macklowe Whiskey Cask No63

The Macklowe
Cask Nº84

American single malt whiskey

6th edition. 200 bottles. 46% abv. 8 aged years. 2015 distillation

Cask Nº84 is from Julie’s extraordinary collection and is of unparalleled quality, impossible to replicate. This liquid gold showcases in hand-crafted & hand-painted bottles with a distinctive flask design reminiscent of Julie’s time in high finance, carrying an ever-present flask with her to events as a reminder to always drink what you like, not what you are told to like.

holiday release 12/12/22 – 9am EST


The Macklowe Whiskey Cask No63

Tasting notes
Cask Nº84

The nose complex and powerful, rich aromas of spicy sweet oak, manuka honey, ginger and vanilla latte coffee aromas, notes of roasted citrus with hints of cassia bark and liquorice.

Multi layered and mouth filling flavours of manuka honey, salted caramel toffee, candied peel and rich fruitcake. Hints of black pepper, cinnamon and milk chocolate with a touch of spicy ginger.

The finish is so wonderfully powerful, rich, spicy, tingling and long lasting. A luxurious finale that gently fades away!

8 aged years / 46% alc./ vol. 700ml

The Macklowe

Private collection Review

Edition: 06 / 46% abv / 8 years old.

Review by F.Paul Pacult


Color: Metallic gold/lion mane.
Clarity: Pristine, unblemished purity.


Dryness/sweetness scale 1 (dry) to 10 (sweet): 2
1st 2 minutes: Upfront, there are direct, assertive aromatic notes of maple syrup, cigar tobacco and wrapping paper, bay leaf (laurel), carob, and a whisper of coffee bean.
5 minutes: Second stage inhalations introduce tightly woven and slightly drier/acidic scents of ginger, parchment, and lemon peel.
10 minutes: It’s here, with more aeration, where the various olfactory elements meld into a seductive aromatic message of elegantly spicy, vanilla bean-like oak barrel (vanillin) and dry, unsweetened breakfast cereal.


Dryness/sweetness scale 1 (dry) to 10 (sweet): 2-3
Entry: Right from the first taste, I find the mature suppleness of the gustatory composition lean, squeaky tight and crisp (adequately acidic), and more than moderately oaky.
Midpalate: There’s an intriguing expansion at this juncture in the oak-driven sweetness that makes itself known at first blush and it’s this aging vessel development that pushes the flavor intensity and density forward.
Texture: Medium weight/moderate degree of viscosity-grip.
Finish: No question but that it’s right at this point in the savor moment where this whiskey shines brightest as the understated sweetness of the oak underpins all other gustatory aspects, bringing it home with style, concentration, and elegance.


A lovely, moderately mature single malt whose best virtues are its restraint, gradual build-up of character, and pure elemental harmony. 46% is the ideal abv.


Review by Robin Robinson

“Julie Macklowe makes an auspicious and audacious debut into American Single Malts with The Macklowe. Each release serves up a new face of elegance in whiskey. As a “producer”, she and her team prove the importance of overseeing the production with a guiding hand. That careful barrel selection and maturation of well-produced distillate results in an outstanding whiskey at the end of its journey.”


Lively and playful, with warm filbert nuts and spring honey, a spritz of lemon zest.


Soft entry, an elegant blanket of peach compote; mid–palate comes alive with bread pudding and a hint of pumpkin spice.


Starts creamy, peach and lemon custard, medium long finish, comes to its final resolution with a pleasantly dry whisper.


The Macklowe Manhattan

1 oz. The Macklowe American single malt whiskey

0.5 oz. Sweet & dry Vermouth

3 Dashes aromatic bitters

1 Cherry

We recommend our whiskey with a few drops of water but drink it your way – The Macklowe way.