The Macklowe Whiskey Cask No63

The Macklowe
Cask Nº62

American single malt whiskey

3rd edition. 257 bottles. 46% abv. 8 aged years. 2014 distillation
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Cask Nº62 is from Julie’s extraordinary collection and is of unparalleled quality, impossible to replicate. This liquid gold showcases in hand-crafted & hand-painted bottles with a distinctive flask design reminiscent of Julie’s time in high finance, carrying an ever-present flask with her to events as a reminder to always drink what you like, not what you are told to like.

The Macklowe Whiskey Cask No63

Tasting notes
Cask Nº62


Vibrant spicy oak, honeycomb, butterscotch & white chocolate; hints of orange zest & liquorice.

Heather honey, barley sugar, toffee, orange peel and gingerbread; cinnamon and nutmeg with a touch of ginger.

Powerful, rich, spicy and long lasting with a touch of decadence.

8 aged years / 46% alc./ vol. 700ml

The Macklowe Manhattan

1 oz. The Macklowe American single malt whiskey

0.5 oz. Sweet & dry Vermouth

3 Dashes aromatic bitters

1 Cherry

We recommend our whiskey with a few drops of water but drink it your way – The Macklowe way.